Hey guys, In this blog I’m going to give you the best game of Ben 10 fly your Android device that you can play with use of an emulator called PPSSPP . You can download this emulator for playstore and there is also a paid version. You can also download it if you want.

So, Let me first tell you something about this game .

Ben 10 Protector of Earth :
This game is released for PSP by namko . This entire game series is based on a TV show named Ben 10 . This game packs some of the best psp graphics. Now luckily, due to the evolution of the emulator this game can now be played on Android which is a very good thing for avoi Android gamers . This game features a third person view and in this game you have to collect energy orbs and increase your health and unlock new-new aliens and fight sorry the Vilgax at the end of this game. This game also has supporting cast like ben’s sister and his grandfather who is a plumber and goes onto a mission of ending all the evil villains who are trying to invade the Earth.

 Let me now tell you some of the best features of this game

  • Good Graphics
  • Third person view
  • Good storyline
  • good gameplay
  • good control
The will be a download link for this game , you can download this game without any problem .
just click on ‘click here to download’ button to start your download
Download link –
Thanks for reading
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