PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

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PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Have you heared before that zombies are coming to PUBG Mobile, Yes you heared absolutely right PUBG mobile is all set to realse their new update v0.10.5 and now you will zombies in your game. Is it not exited news for you ?You all definitely know that PUBG decided to collab with RE7 now they will present you the unexpected experience with zombies in pubg mobile with their new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode. Now get ready to play pubg with zombies

Location Of Zombies In PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Right now zombies are only available in beta mode of PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode and are yet to arrive in the original game too. Still PUBG MOBILE has not givem any official dates related to lauch the new version 0.10.5. You will be able to see the zombies in the lobby, waiting area, in the game and many other places.

Release Date of PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile Zombies Update is still under development and will release soon for you guys. This is really exited for me to see zombies in PUBG MOBILE and definitely will be for you too. So what are your plan for this update ? i hope you all will enjoy this update and this collaboration of PUBG with RE7 will be very successfull.

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