So you guys must be waiting for PUBG which is basically known as player-unknown’s battlegrounds. so this game is the exclusive for PS4 and PC but now you will be able to play tune Android devices but the main problem is that  this game is in Chinese language and since it is released for IOS and Android devices, you can only play in Chinese language so there are many YouTube videos regarding this and finally the English version of this game is launched so you can download it with the link given below.

Steps To Follow-:


So let me first tell you something about this game,

PUBG : this game is  Battle Royale in which you have to survive on an island with 150 people and the person who survive at last will be the winner and in this game you have to search for weapons for your needs and other equipment which will help you to save your life from other players and just survive and kill other players get XP and get promoted and you have to unlock things and get bonus and other  bonus crates . Get loot and you can also find the equipment for your weapons which will help  you to upgrade them. 
when player unknown battlegrounds is released for Android and IOS this game in Chinese language which disappointed many users but still they are YouTube videos explaining you how you can play it in your Android device in any country they simply show you a screenshot of the text translated in English but no need to do that today you will simply get APK which is officially in English language and since the APK is not available for all the devices you can download it by our link and as soon as it is available in Playstore we will update you . 
So, here are all the steps you need to do to install this game in your device
1. download the APK and data
2. ‎you have to download any file explorer
3. ‎then just simply rename the file you downloaded and mixture to change the extension from .xapk to .zip 
4. ‎now download any file extractor from Play Store I recommend you to download ‘ Z archiver’
5. ‎ expect your file
6. ‎cut your  Obb folder to : device memory / Android /OBB ‘
7. ‎simply install your APK
8. ‎Open game and start playing

DOWNLOAD LINK : click here to download

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