PUBG mobile zombies mod is here and here is everything you need to know about this new exciting update and today I have too much to tell you guys.

As you all know that PUBG is collaborating with RE7 and is here to present you guys the unimagined experience with zombies in PUBG MOBILE and zombies in this game is really fun too.

LocationĀ of Zombies in PUBG mobile zombies update (0.10.5)

However, Zombies are only available in beta mode and are yet to come in the original game. PUBGM has not given any official dates regarding the launch of this new version 0.10.5 in an official game in the play store. Zombies are available to see in the lobby or what you guys say, waiting area. Before the game begins you can actually go and the zombies.

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The zombies shown in PUBG mobile zombies update are trapped in the underground building and you can see them by going there. I have attached a video that you can see if you want to know the exact location of the zombies. Tell us what you guys think? Is it fun to see zombies in the ZOMBIE mod?

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